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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Latest CyanogenMod Apollo Music Player

Install as any other app. If you get "application not installed" error then uninstall old version of Apollo, reboot (not necessary) and install again.
This is caused by different apk signature key, nothing to worry about.

If you have preinstalled Apollo (like in cyanogen mod) and you can't uninstall it using built-in app manager, then you have to do it in a different way.
1. Use any file Explorer with root access (eg. Root Explorer, es file manager etc.)
2. Go to /system/app/
3. Find Apollo.apk or anything like it and delete it.
4. Copy this apk to the same directory (/system/app/)
5. Set the rw-r--r-- permissions
(using root Explorer that would be
X for checked o for unchecked, other file explorers chmod 644)
6. Reboot and enjoy.