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Friday, January 2, 2015

Top 3 Learning Apps [Android]

1. Udacity- Learn Programming


Our classes range from teaching you the very basics of programming, to more advanced courses that help you make sense of data.

Learn to code in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java and other programming languages.

Enjoy our courses in the comfort of your own home, solve a programming problem at a coffee shop or answer short quizzes in the park. Udacity for Android is the learning experience that fits into your lifestyle. 

2. Coursera - Learn Programming


With Coursera, education is free, open, online - and now mobile!

Coursera connects students, professionals, and lifelong learners everywhere with free online courses from over 100 top-tier global universities and institutions. Browse courses and watch lectures from the world’s best instructors anytime, anywhere - on your commute or on the treadmill, whether you’re interested in cooking or computer science.

3. Memrise: Free, Fun, Learning


What do you want to learn?

Memrise is a Wikipedia of learning: over 300,000 community-created and edited courses to learn.