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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Best Custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy Fit V1

  1. It is Based On CM7.2 .
  2. Fully Odexed.
  3. Maximum Smoothness is Provided as compared to other Roms.
  4. 160 MB Internal Memory Free In First Boot
  5. Games Working Smoothly.
  6. Fully Jellybean  Pure Look/Themed
  7. CPU Overclocked To 864 MHz
  8. Stock Camera Added For Better Picture Taking And Video Recording at 640*480 Res
  9. Now Music Player Added
  10. More Ram Free To Play Games Smoothly . Upto 180MB
  11. Full Roboto Font
  12. New CM10 Settings
  13. Beats Audio Added 

Comming soon...


  1.     Download Best  Rom.Zip .
  2.     Place them into the sdcard..
  3.     Then go to CWM Recovery Directly or Pressing Power off and Middle Button Together.
  4.     Wipe Data-Cache and then in advance option also wipe Dalvik cache.
  5.     Then choose insert Zip From Sd Card And select best Rom.Zip and press yes.
  6.     Then follow step no. 4 Again.
  7.     Reboot System Now.
  8.    <<<<<<<< ENJOY>>>>>>>>>