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Friday, October 11, 2013

CM9 Fully Odex Rom For Samsung Galaxy Fit(Updated)

  1. System Apps Only takes 8 MB of Phone Memory Space
  2. Maximum RAM Optimization provided
  3. More Space for installing other Apps
  4. Maximum Smoothness
  5. Latest Nightlies of CM9 Added
  6. Nova Launcher As a Default launcher
  7. All games Are Working
  8. Bug Free
  9. New Music Player Added
  10. In my Opinion this is the best CM9 Rom build yet

  1. Download CM9 ICS.Zip .
  2. Place it into your sdcard.
  3. Then go to CWM Recovery Directly or Pressing Power off and Home Button Together.
  4. Wipe Data/Cache and then in "advance" option also wipe Dalvik cache.
  5. Then choose "insert Zip From Sd Card" And select "CM9 ICS.Zip" and press yes.
  6. Then Select "Reboot System Now".
  7. Then follow step no. 4 Again.    
  1. After Rebooting Your Phone.....Open terminal Emulator.
  2. Type "su" And press Enter.
  3. After it Type "dexo -h" And press Enter.
  4. Then type "dexo -all" ...... Now Your Rom start Odexing..Wait untill this is not complete.
  5. Then Reboot your Phone ....your Rom now odex.
  6. Reboot Your Phone.