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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 mini I8190

Until somebody will release CWM Recovery or root for this device, I managed to create a pre-rooted firmware.
This firmware base on the last build for I8190, is a full firmware exactly like the original, except the root.
after flash you will see the SuperSU app in the app drawer.
"Flashing this firmware do not doing wipe data. you will not lose anything."


  • Download the zip file above and extract to some folder, you should receive a tar file.
  • Open odin 3 (attached) and put the tar file in pda.
  • Put the device into download mode. (vol down + home + power button, and then click on vol up)
  • Connect phone to usb and wait for odin detect the device.
  • Click start.
  • For some reason it's impossible in this device to boot into recovery mode (by combination of buttons).
  • If you want to do wipe data doing it from the settings menu (factory reset) or if you have a boot loop problem, flash the attached file (the tar file inside zip) via odin in pda, it will do wipe data automaticly. 
Based on Last build For Now - XXALK6.